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Welcome to Inspiration Adventures.

My name is Beverley Lang. I inspire people to live beyond who they think they are.

I have long thought that the last frontier of exploration is that of the mind. We know we use but a small percentage of its potential and we know there are vast unknowns of every dimension waiting for discovery. Learning to still the everyday hustle and bustle of the mind can bring peace and healing. It can also open up the door to universal intelligence where the wonders of Life Itself live.

My goal with this blog is first to inspire myself with my writings and photos. Flannery O’Connor sums it up best for me. “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” This opens up exciting vistas that I then think might inspire others who want to move into realms of exploration and adventure beyond their same old routines of their daily lives.

My current focus is the challenge of living in the present moment, allowing Life Itself to express fully and magnificently through me. Every day, more and more of  that which isn’t me surfaces for me to acknowledge and release so I can discover more and more of that which IS me.

That which isn’t me is the stuff I have learned throughout my lifetime; stuff that my brain runs on automatic – brain tracks’  I call it. You can read about brain tracks in The Brain Tracks that Run Our Lives.

This unique life journey with which we have all been gifted is the process of becoming conscious of who we really are underneath the trappings of daily living. It is about learning to release the past and the future so we become free and joyfully alive every moment. It is perhaps the greatest exploration of all.

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I can be reached at Beverley@inspires.life

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