I AM the Eternal, Raw Ecstasy of Infinite Possibilities

Words matter. Unconscious words matter. Conscious words matter. Intentional words matter. Casual words matter. Thoughts you think no-one can hear matter.

Words direct energy. Energy flows. A mass of thoughts by a mass of people can flow a mass of energy. Just look at the recent global protests. Look too at the fear and panic generated initially by COVID-19.

Mass meditations are known to make a difference. One person meditating can make a difference. A still mind is the most powerful force on the planet – though the military minds might tell you otherwise. Still minds en masse reduce the need for the use of those same military minds.

Think a Conscious Thought

Thinking the thought I AM the eternal, raw ecstasy of Infinite Possibilities creates a power. Try it. Sit in stillness for just a few moments and repeat the thought. Soak in it. Breathe it in and breathe it out.

What if…there are solutions to planet earth challenges that haven’t even been thought of as yet? What if…like a fairy godmother, you could wave your magic wand and the world was as you might picture it in your wildest dreams. How would that look? What would be different? What is the story you would tell if there were no limitations, only possibility being born in every sacred moment?

Infinite possibilities exist whether or not we give them attention. Just as mass meditations make a felt difference, so too do mass visions that are held strong and clear.

Vibrate at the Solution Level First

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches that in order to bring solutions for problems into existence, we need first to be vibrating at the level of solution, not the problem. You can think all day long and all night long about a problem, and you still have a problem. But if you think about the raw ecstasy of infinite possibilities, if you think about how you will feel with the problem solved, you immediately vibrate at the level of solution.

I wrote in my last blog about the vision Dr. Michael Beckwith had us do for ourselves and the world post Covid-19. And how my garden became my vision. Sitting in it, writing, I experience the pure raw ecstasy of the peace that passes all understanding, which is my world vision. What I have observed is that I sit in my garden, (or work in it) with this focus, and then the next time I turn on my TV or read the news, I see some positive change happening. This is not to say I personally created that change, but it demonstrates the flow of energy from living INSIDE infinite possibilities, and how changing focus changes what we experience. If we all do this, imagine the depth and breadth of change we could affect. This morning, as I write this, the DACA law was upheld by the Supreme Court – my heart sings joyously and generates yet more infinite possibility to radiate out into the world.


I take this garden metaphor into other aspects of my life. They become a different kind of garden but the principles are the same. And if I am present, the flow of Life Itself opens new dimensions; in my work, in my relationships, in my health. I especially like to take this metaphor into my world views – into politics, into current social issues, into environmental issues. They all become my gardens for me to cultivate and enjoy and learn from inside me.

One Life Essence

Spiritual traditions have long taught that in order to heal war and hatred, you must start within. Eliminate the war and hatred of thought about the self and/or others. Most of all, eliminate the words of separation, that there even is a self and an ‘other’. Underneath ALL life forms is one life essence, that of Life Itself.


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