An Alternative Reality for 2020

What is mine to bring into form for 2020?

A great question to begin this new year and new decade. The usual way we begin a new year is with resolutions. My question is – what is the source of those resolutions? Do they come from what you see as not working from the previous year? Or do they come from shoulds/shouldn’ts?

OR – do you look at the brand new year/decade ahead in the way that Michelangelo was reputed to look at a block of marble, and see the form within? And that your opportunity is to chip away at the block of marble until you reveal that form for the world to see – I wrote about this in Everything Already Exists.

The difference is that in the former, desires come from mind – even if well-intentioned, and the latter comes from Inner Being/Life Itself. The former stems from mind’s perspective of what would be good to achieve and the latter from a fully surrendered experience of this moment as it is, a focus of the simple joy of being. From the awareness of I AM Presence arises an impulse for the birthing of new vision – just as the acorn’s impulse is to push a sprout up through the earth to the sunlight when conditions are ripe.

More Good Questions

What am I ripe for?
What is the subtle inner impulse of Life Itself moving me towards?

Lets look at creating a healthier body as an example.

Mind: I want to be healthier – lose some weight, exercise more, take a yoga class. Mind is looking at the current situation and seeing a body not in prime health, as needing improvement. (This is coming from a place of lack – of shoulds/shouldn’ts).

Presence: I AM. I AM vitality and aliveness expressing through a physical body. I AM health in every cell of my being. I AM shown in every moment the right action to take to support the fullness I AM.

Mind sees lack, quite possibly judges that lack, and tries to create from that place of lack.

Presence acknowledges the essence ‘I AM’, even though in this moment the body is not full alignment with this essence. Focus on the essence ‘I AM’ allows for next steps to appear – in their own place and time. This includes any research and planning that might be necessary for an idea that appears in the ‘I AM’ awareness space. Planning from the fullness of Presence has elements of patience, harmony and joy.

Planning from mind can be exciting – but misses that deep inner knowing that can only arise from the I AM Presence. But, we learn when we plan from mind and act from mind. We learn the difference from when we plan from a place of Presence and can then make the time and space for Presence Planning.

Sometimes it means walking away from a work in progress – giving the gift of time and space for ideas and concepts to develop. Sometimes it means just continuing to hammer away until the form gets closer to being revealed. It (the form you are endeavoring to create) lets you know – not the other way around. When you are connected and acting from the I AM Presence, you know.

What is yours to bring into form in 2020?


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