What Am I Contributing?

We’re always contributing in some form or another. The question is do we know what we are contributing? And how and where and why?

When I am rooted in Presence, centered in peace, coming from a place of inner knowing and faith, I am contributing those qualities to the world – they are what I am radiating.

When I am consumed by fear, worry and doubt, that is my contribution. Those are the thought-forms filled with cortisol and stress that I radiate out into the world. in the same way radio waves are broadcast out into the world and those vibrating at the same level will resonate with them.

Today, in the midst of this world-wide pandemic of COVID-19 that is continuing to disrupt the lives of so many, what we radiate, how we choose to contribute, is of more importance than ever.

Stories That Inspire in Challenging Times

Amongst the stories of pain and anguish are stories of the human spirit in all its splendor arising: from enormous cash tips in restaurants to help owners with their paychecks, to the building of temporary hospital beds in a soccer field, to the sewing of direly needed masks by those at home, to the spontaneous breaking into song of an apartment community isolated – yet connected on their balconies. These endless stories that arise in the midst of catastrophes, are inspirational and moving. They point to the inherent oneness of empathy, compassion and willingness to see the other as ourselves.

What? I wondered as the news spilled both fear and compassion into my living room, What can I do? What can I contribute? In my isolation? And it occurred to me, as I messaged a friend to keep her spirits up, that our thoughts and feelings are now more important than ever.

Conscious Actions

Those of us on a spiritual journey of awakening have long known that we create our worlds by our reactions to situations. We can react by delving deeper into the beingness we are, or we can succumb to the mass consciousness of fear.

The first choice liberates us and enables us to find the infinite potential of the human spirit that lives deep within. It aligns the cells of our bodies with health and wellness and acceptance of what is, which can then become the springboard for the next right-action steps. Broadcasting from the field of infinite potential contributes to others looking to find deeper solutions and peace of mind.

The second choice causes tension in muscles and mind, even illness. It releases hormones of cortisol and stress, the body goes into fight or flight mode, mind sees less and less possibility and pain pervades our worlds instead of peace.

It is of course, not quite that black and white. There are a million shades of grey in between. But why not, at the very least, take control of what we can, which is our thinking. If we have practiced meditation or yogic types of traditions we already have the ability to recognize thoughts for what they are – just thoughts – that float across the blue, blue sky of awareness. They come and they go. We know to recognize those thoughts, to let them go – a thousand times a second if need be.

Radiating BEING

Radiate awareness filled with the joy of being: being deeply immersed in the field ‘out there’ of which Rumi speaks: being aware that how I think matters more than I can imagine and that my thinking can make a difference; being rooted in the peace that passes all understanding; being the magnificence of the power I AM. These are all ways of being that contribute mightily.

How do I know? I experimented and watched my world change as it entered my awareness. How I thought about people, situations, places, changed. My perception – and subsequently the way I vibrated out into that same world changed. Little things changed – more inspiring news items and Facebook posts and conversations with family and friends. New ideas were sparked, my days became lighter.

Emotions Are More Contagious That a Virus

A couple of days ago I watched this video from Deepak Chopra on emotions being more contagious than a virus. It not only confirmed all I had written above, but it also expanded my perspective of being the observer in the middle of chaos and radiating the power of Life Itself from that place of awareness.

In a world so focused on physicality, it is easy to lose sight of the true power of the essence I AM. Especially as the temperatures of fear and panic rise higher and higher.

Yes We Can Contribute – From Wherever We Are

So can we contribute from our physical places of isolation? Of course we can. It can be a true gift of the times to transcend mass thinking and contribute powerfully to peace and inner stillness, never underestimating the power of the unseen, the unknown, the truth – the ultimate truth which is that we are all connected, we are all one.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” – Rumi

Be safe, be well, be all that you can be and more.


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