Healing the World – One Thought at a Time

We are at a turning point on this planet and by living from Presence – as improbable as that may seem at times – we contribute mightily to the healing of the planet.

Here’s the thing –

EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT YOU THINK GOES OUT INTO THE ENVIRONMENT AND HAS A CONSEQUENCE. Every single thought has an effect on us individually and it has an effect on the world consciousness. If you find yourself getting upset about any of the negativity happening in the world today – be it environmentally, people, animals, politics, rampant selfishness and greed – then you have work to do to contribute to making this world a better place. And I don’t mean becoming an activist or a politician although there most certainly is a place for whatever inspired action you are moved to take.

I mean – changing your thoughts, one thought at a time. Healing begins at home. If you want to borrow $10 off me, I can only loan it to you if I have it. Otherwise I am of no use to you. If the world wants to heal itself and looks to you and I for help, we can only help it to the extent that we can help ourselves. And we can only help ourselves, truly, when we can be conscious of the thoughts we think and the effects they have.

Begin At Home

So wake up. Smell the roses. Start where you can to do your bit to help humankind. Start with your thinking. You can consciously think thoughts of redemption and healing. And you can STOP all thought that is judgmental, guilty, superior or inferior. You can let go of everything that isn’t who you really are. A tall order you might think, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Today – begin the journey of becoming consciously aware of your thinking, your emotions and their consequences.

We heal the world, one thought at a time. You are not being called to change your life radically, to become some great teacher or savior –  we need awakening people who are aware of the fact that most people run their lives on automated, learned habits and beliefs, and that in order to find peace of mind from the eternal war-mongering of those thoughts, we simply have to let them go – let go and let Presence arise in all our moments of all our days.

What about the people in the world who treat others and the planet so badly?

What is, is. To first be able to help anyone or anything, you must accept it as it is. This can be a hard concept to grasp, but accepting situations as they are enables you to stay calm and centered in Presence. From that center you can allow right action to arise. Sometimes, in fact very often, there is nothing you can physically do, but you can always control how you think about the situation – in loving terms of forgive them, they know not what they do, seeing the pin point of light that exists within each and every human being no matter how covered up by darkness that pin point appears to be, seeing and thinking only loving, caring, understanding thoughts. I like to imagine the power and light of Infinite Wisdom flowing down, around and through everyone and everything and then seeing surprise on faces as they find themselves opening up just a little and living just a little more every day from Presence.

In conversations, both internally when you read and/or watch the news, and in conversations with others, you can be doing exactly the same thing – monitoring your thoughts with a fierce discipline to be the best me I can be, first and foremost.

Being a Light Anchor

Ask yourself – What state of consciousness do I bring to this situation? How you react contributes to the situation. All thought is energy.

This is light anchoring – living from Presence and simply being the light you are. Until you can do this, you can’t be of any authentic service in the world because you are coming from a place of RE-action instead of loving action. It is ego that wants to hit back, save the world, even see good triumph over evil. Presence knows all of that is ego driven.

Presence just IS, below the surface of the chaos. The waves can crash noisily upon the shore as much as they want, but the deep pulsing of the ocean is unaffected by them. Presence is the underlying connectedness of all beings.

Radiating our State of Consciousness

We are always radiating out into the world whatever our state of consciousness is. If we are angry, frustrated, shocked, horrified in response to something someone says or does, then that is all we can radiate outwardly at that moment. If we can RECOGNIZE those reactions as just that – reactions – then we can allow them to subside, dissolve even. Then the light of Presence is free to arise and shine out into the world.

Unknowable Power

While it may seem soft and of not a lot of value, or a lack of action, this ego release is so much more powerful than mind can ever know. You might not see a direct result of letting go of your righteousness (I’m right and they are wrong), but EVERY THOUGHT COUNTS – EVERY KIND AND LOVING VIBRATION you can send out from your being counts. Wave after wave of loving compassion and empathy – which you can feel easily for victims of horrific incidents like a mass shooting – can also be radiated to the perpetrator(s).

What if I Can’t?

If you find yourself unable to think of the perpetrators in this way, then you are back to the drawing board of your own inner work.

I have to heal me before I can heal thee. (I can’t even really heal thee – I can only contribute to the light and space around you so that you might heal yourself just a little easier). I must have money in order to loan or give you money. I must have loving kindness and self-compassion before I can have loving kindness, compassion and empathy for you. The world will always bring people, situations and events to your attention so you can see how well you are doing and where you have more work to do.

Actually, it’s not really that you must have loving kindness and self-compassion first, because that is naturally your true nature. It’s really that as you let go of all that judgmental and reactive thinking that ISN’T who you are, you ALLOW that which is you to be revealed, like the sun emerging through dissolving clouds.

Inspired Action is Right Action

Inspired action is the most powerful action we can take. Inspired action is action that comes from that deep, inner stillness of Presence. If you are feeling you must DO something, it is vital to ensure that the call to DO comes from Presence. Otherwise you contribute to the extremism. Be inspired by people who have shown us throughout history how to do this: Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King are but a few examples. There is no right or wrong way to take action, there is simply action rooted in Presence.

Of course this applies to any life situation – your relationships, financial, family, work, play!

It’s a very powerful question to ask yourself – Is my action rooted in Presence? And if you don’t know – then stop. Stop and consider your thoughts and emotions. How do you think and feel about the situation? These will give you clues. But the only real way to know if you are acting from Presence is to look at your experiences. All the theory in the world can only ever point the way. Your experiences are what you know. All else is what you think you know.

What do you know that you know about living from Presence?

How is your life different when you live from Presence?

How do you see and know the world when you live from Presence?

And most of all, are you aware of the growing necessity for each of us to live from Presence every day?


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