Setting Dreams Free

Many years ago I used and taught a technique that helps to make dreams come true. I call it The Pink Bubble. I came across it again recently and remembered how powerful it was.

Here’s the ‘recipe’.

Take something really close to your heart that you would like to be living more fully – something already in motion maybe, or something not yet started but which really would be a dream come true for you. Be sure it is a dream that is coming from your heart and not your head. (You can read more about that here.)

Then imagine that dream in all its fulfilled glory as if it was in a bubble above your head.


Take your time – really picture all the details. Include how it looks, are there people involved, who, where are you, what is taking place, even what are you wearing and saying, if applicable. What do you hear? Especially focus on how it feels. Make it really big and make it come alive.  Ensure you are right smack bang in the middle of it – full of passion and purpose.

Once the details are in place and it feels fabulous, take your dream and wrap it in a huge giant pink bubble. Wrap it very securely, ensuring it is strong and clear. And then RELEASE IT. Like a giant helium filled balloon see it float away, up into the atmosphere in all its glory. Up, up and away. (Don’t forget, you are inside that bubble with your dream. Without you, the dream doesn’t exist. So you are in the dream and in the Present Moment).

How Do You Feel?

Notice how you are feeling about letting it go? Do you feel you might lose control if you let it go? Or that it will be lost to you? Or maybe that you should be thinking about it all the time and therefore can’t let it go?

Dinner Order

What if you treat it like a most exotic dinner order you have just given to the waiter to take to the chef? You are dining with great friends and you are enjoying their company enormously. You know it will take some time for this amazing meal to be prepared just so for you. You don’t flag down the waiter every 5 minutes to ask where your meal is. Even worse, you don’t get up and go to the kitchen to check on or badger the chef. Unthinkable. You wouldn’t dream of it. So too with your dream in the pink bubble. Release it to the Grand Chef of the Universe, to Infinite Intelligence to bring all the necessary ingredients together in the perfect timing for this dream to come true.


There are a couple of important ingredients on your part that need to be applied to your dream, along with its release.

  1. It must be in alignment with the Essence You Are. If it is simply coming from your head/ego/personality it can’t maintain the necessary passion and faith required. Nor can the Universe work with it.
  1. Faith is required. Faith in the process of creation, of manifestation: faith that Divine Intelligence will take the dream in the direction that is in perfect alignment with itself: faith that even though you don’t have all the answers, or even all the skills and talents necessary, it will come to be in the best way possible. Nor do you know the best timing, and a million other aspects of this dream – some of which you may never have even been able to imagine, but Divine Intelligence does. Not only are you an aspect of Divine intelligence, you are the channel through which Divine Intelligence wants to create this dream.

Faith. Trust. Patience. Passion. All these are required. Every time you think of the dream you fuel it with your faith and passion. Sometimes new insights will come, sometimes inspired actions to take. Sometimes you might want to step right into the middle of the bubble just to feel and know its power. Sometimes you will be happy just to know it is floating around out there gathering to it all the necessary components for its successful manifestation into planet earth reality. Whatever and however you are guided is perfect. You come to know this process as Divine Truth.


The reality behind letting go of the dream in a bubble is that while focus on dreams needs to be sharp and passionate, trying to make things happen from the mind is so often what trips us up and causes the dream to malfunction. Trying to make things happen from the mind creates tension, anxiety and stress which just adds limitations to the dream. We need to set it free which in turn sets us free and then inspirational and creative energy can flow in and around everything bringing with it the art of making your dreams come true.