The Dilemma of Discipline

I’ve rebelled against discipline all my life. The discipline of my mother when I was a child – I was always in trouble (it seemed), the discipline of teachers and then a world that said you should or shouldn’t do this or that.

It has got me into a lot of trouble, needless trouble. For the most part it was simply my mind, wanting to be a free spirit and not take orders. I have learned that for the most part, my mind is a created entity and is not as wise as it thinks it is. Hence my journey to become aware, to observe the mind in action.

I finally found a meaning for discipline that makes a lot more sense to my unruly mind. Discipline means to be the disciple – who follows a set of parameters in order to achieve a desired outcome. Who else for the disciple to follow, but my Self, the wise Inner Being that I really am, not the mind that I think I am.JazzyintheWildflowers

In other words, follow my heart. Jazzy, my dog, doesn’t have a developed mind in the way that I do. When she follows her heart, she wanders through fields of wildflowers. Is my job then not to discipline my mind to follow my heart, and to do that I have to be able to hear what my heart has to say. I have to be able to be still in the middle of chaos, to be the eye of the storm.

More, much more, to come on this subject.


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