There is No Reason for Happiness

…when I am rooted in ‘Being’. I heard this from Deepak Chopra when I was listening to a talk this morning.  He actually said “If you are happy for a reason, then that is another form of misery, because that reason can be taken away from you tomorrow”.


Any reason for happiness that is ‘out there’ is one we have made separate from who we are. It is not recognizing that everything we see ‘out there’ is really us seeing ourselves – or Divine Intelligence seeing itself in all its myriad forms. Happiness that bubbles up from being anchored in Life Itself, just is. It is as natural as the clear water bubbling up from the spring in the mountain, or the lily blooming in the field.

I find this perspective to be so healing in living in the world and all its current dramas that can so easily excite the mind into ‘angry activism’ or ‘moral outrage’ as Deepak calls it. I see the rising above the emotions of re-acting to the world ‘out there’ – no matter if it is as close as a loved one or as far away as an act of terrorism in France – as the transcendence needed to bring a higher order to our planet.

Reimg_0534-edit-1-action, never helps a situation. My puppy does something I don’t want him to do. An immediate re-action of yelling at him is not the answer. When I take the time to show him what doesn’t work for  me and reward him for responding positively, I am then responding to the situation instead of reacting, I am transcending the situation with my energy. And while I can’t do the same for the person who performs an act of terrorism, I can stop and take the time to see past the mask of horror that he is portraying, into the essence of the soul behind that mask. I can only do this when I am deeply anchored in the peace and wisdom of Presence.

The world wears a mask. We all wear many masks. Masks are the brain tracks of personality we have learned. We identify with certain concepts and ideals of who we are, who our ‘people’ are, whose ‘side’ we are on, not understanding that all of those concepts and ideals are masking the true reality of our being. Or we judge what we are seeing by condemning it generally and wanting nothing more to do with it (e.g. politics or religion). That too can be a re-action and therefore living from our own masks of personality.

If what we see in the world is a massive mask of ego that so many people live behind, and if we are able to stay rooted in the joy, the love, the pure wonder of Life Itself, then we are indeed contributing to the healing of the planet. From that place of peace and awe, we may then feel inspired to take action in certain directions to further contribute. Or we may not. Radiating peace and harmony from a place of being at one, of seeing the oneness we all are in reality, of knowing the inner truth of the “I Am” Presence, is so powerful .


Then we can truly say, “I am Living the Power I Am”. And what great freedom comes from living from that place of Inner Being where we can feel and know the Oneness that all is, where we can experience love and compassion for all that we see around us, and where inspiration bubbles up from the void of creation to be expressed joyfully through us. Such happiness!