Watch Your Mind – You’ll be Amazed!

The mind has learned to make snap judgments about anything and everything. These judgments happen so fast that we are running along their brain tracks before we even have a chance to blink. These brain tracks are habits, usually formed long ago, that we follow blindly thinking they are who we really are until such a time as we stop their headlong flight mid-stream.


This is the supreme challenge – to stop and watch what is happening in the mind; to stop thinking for just a single moment and to just be; to stop thinking long enough to be able to watch the mind do its thinking.

The mind can seem so powerful. It pulls you back into its drama, its endless chatter, again and again. It distracts so easily –  look at this, think about that. It can seem very hard to pull back from the accompanying emotions too. So the practice is ‘a little at a time’. One breath and one quick recognition that the mind is running on automatic pilot helps. One breath at a time and saying to yourself, “This isn’t the real me” can help open a space for the ‘real me’ to shine through. The more often you can do this in your day, the more often you open that space, the easier it becomes to just take a deep breath and be back in the present moment.

Inspired thinking happens in the present moment. All other thinking happens in the past or future.


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