Everything Already Exists

To create a dream, all we have to do is carve away that which isn’t the dream, just as Michaelango said he did when he started work on a piece of marble.

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”


I was recently reminded of this ancient truth watching a Dr. Joe Dispenza video as he talked about problem solving, which I wrote about it in An Eternity of Infinite Possibilities. It’s a fascinating concept – everything already exists in the void of creation, we just need to place a focus on what we want to create, keep it there, take some ‘right action’ at the right time and bring it into a planet earth form.

It’s how you get the fire of a dream going. An idea sparks in the darkness of the void and then you keep your focus on that spark long enough and clearly enough (meaning from a place of Presence, not ego) and it bursts into a flame. More focus and it flames into form.

I recall being so impressed with the way John Denver talked about how he wrote his music. He LISTENED. (As of course do all musicians). I was at a concert years ago when he talked about being out on the ski slopes one beautiful morning and how the words came – first words of Annie’s song. You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest…

Uncovering and Receiving

Mark Nepo talks in Drinking from the river of light about the passive voice, which he says he would rename as the receptive voice. We don’t so much create as we uncover and retrieve.

I remember arriving at a place of renunciation some years ago, where I let go of all the efforts I had been making to make my dreams come true. My Dad had just died, I lost my job, I had poured every ounce of effort into creating an online writing business that had failed to pick up momentum. The fire to create had literally gone out.

It came to me to let go of all of the dreams I had been working on, which turned out to be a major turning point. I even let go of my phone number! It was a feeling of wiping the slate clean and starting over – but from a different base of wisdom gleaned from my life experiences to date.

My only goal became I want to be a channel for Life Itself – I want to simply let go of trying to make things happen and discover how Life Itself wants to express through me.

Mark Nepo’s description of uncovering and retrieving brings that goal into a clearer focus. I love sitting in my morning meditation times and looking out into space wondering, what is here for me to uncover and retrieve today? I find I look more from the eyes of Life Itself, rather than mind’s ideas of what I want to create.

Alignment with LIFE ITSELF Becomes Form

It’s fascinating to look at the world of form from the perspective of everything already existing. I see how everything was once a thought form before it became a solid form. A poster from the Santa Fe Opera hangs at the foot of my bed of a Georgia O’Keefe painting – a very well known artist from around these parts. She ‘carved’ this amazing vision of color and light and form from the ether where it existed, but had never been formed in exactly this manner before. So too the sounds of the music and words that came to John Denver. He uncovered and retrieved them.

I don’t aim to be another Georgia O’Keefe or John Denver, but I do aim to experience the pure joy of that which Life Itself has to show me I can uncover and retrieve, today and every day. I have already learned that sometimes, that which I think is the expression of Life Itself, has to be let go and started over – that sometimes the interpretation isn’t quite right. This is a part of the chiseling away that which isn’t the dream.

This morning, gazing out at the snow covered tree in my backyard, I thought how the tree has carved its physical form out of the ether and is living its life so magnificently.

Focus on the Angel

I love how this applies too to things that need solutions – like healing illness, opening up financial flow, bringing peace and resolution to difficult relationships. We vibrate at the level of the ‘problems’ we have and we forget that solutions already exist. Instead we can change our focus and uncover and retrieve those solutions by focusing instead on the essence of the solution, the feelings and thereby vibrating in resonance with them.

Which is another way of saying we can focus on the angel within the block of marble and let go of all that isn’t that angel – chiseling away the superfluous material.

A critical component is patience and letting go of how things ‘should be’. While its great to have a clear vision of what you want to create, if you can be flexible with the vision, you allow the building of it to be a joint venture with Life Itself. We become the flute through which the song is played, the brush through which the painting comes into form, the body through which the healing flows. We become the caring and sharing, and full abundance of Life Itself shining into form.

There’s an Angel, Even in the Mundane

Another intriguing aspect to remembering that everything already exists is when routine daily events are not going how they ‘should’ and you escalate into frustration or anger. When you say to yourself what is it that life wants to uncover and me to retrieve in this moment, you create a moment of awareness. There’s always learning to be done. Now to carve out what Life Itself is wanting to create – and that you may be resisting by falling into old reactive patterns – even in the most mundane.

Since everything already exists, we can’t then come from a place of lack. All we have to do is, in perfect alignment with what already IS, is carve away all that ISN’T to expose that creation we know exists in the void of creation.

Magic and miracles happen when this flow is treasured, honored and respected.


”My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness.”


The loveliness of a painting, music, an earthen pot
The loveliness of a new born babe, a child’s laughter
The loveliness of body and mind shining Life’s Light
The loveliness of the wealth in every moment of a life well lived
The loveliness of the stars reflected in another’s eyes.
The loveliness of the painted skies of a sunset
The loveliness of the depth of life in an untouched forest

Add yours

What angels still in uncut marble are being revealed for you to uncover today?
What visions of beauty and joy and loveliness are your staircase to heaven today?


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