An Eternity of Infinite Possibility

They ripple through me – powerful vibrations of the frequencies of relief, joy and freedom. I see their box clearly from my perch on a new moon hanging in the inky blackness of an infinite void of foreverness, my trusty cocker spaniel companion by my side. This is my retreat, looking out into this all-powerful darkness where nothing exists, a place of no time, no space, no one, no where and no thing. Looking out into the void of creation itself.

It’s funny how you can learn things over the years and know them or experience them at some level quite well, and then along comes a new way of looking at ancient truths and the depths clear even further. In the case of my recent experience watching a live stream of a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat, it was the powerful visuals that Dr. Joe drew on big whiteboards that opened up yet further understanding and experience.

The Grass is Greener

I feel as though I have jumped a fence from a field long eaten down to bare earth, into a fresh field of luscious green grasses and exuberant, effusively blooming wildflowers. A whole new world has opened up. And yet – the information my brain has is not much different from that which it has had for many years. It is simply that this is a moment of awareness expansion on my awakening journey, stimulated by the time and effort I have invested to date, that has tipped the scale towards a different experience.

The Future Solution Already Exists in the NOW

Dr. Joe comes from a perspective of science and ancient mystical truths combined. His visual explanations satisfy the brain enough to help it let go of its attachment to the lower frequencies of the 3rd dimension. We are then free to rise into the unified field of oneness and wholeness and live from there. In other words, be in the world, but not of it.

What I loved most in Dr. Joe’s talk is the thought that while a challenge may exist in this moment and we might be struggling to find a solution, potential solutions also exist right here and now that we haven’t thought of, and if fact can’t think of because we are operating at a lower level of understanding. Any problem is only a problem because mind perceives it as such and the focus has been on the problem.

Consider the possibility of a solution already existing in the here and now, and then think about how that problem solved would make you feel. Give yourself some time and really sink into how amazing it would be to have that challenge solved. The feeling is what raises your vibration, or frequency, to that potential from the future, which already exists in the now.

You don’t have to know what the solution is. If you knew it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s not even your business. It is the business of Life Itself, which requires no more from you than faith – the faith of a mustard seed.

Dr. Joe has you think of your current ‘problem’ and then put that situation into a box – complete with how it makes you feel and causes you to act.

Then you relax into the deep, darkness of nothingness, of simply being. From there, you know that a solution already exists. You don’t know what it is and you don’t know how to get there, but you know how it makes you feel.

Stay there.

Saturate yourself in those feelings. See this solution in a box and see yourself outside the box. Observing. You can give the box a name – so that all you need to do if you feel yourself pulled back into the old ways of thinking and RE-acting, you can think that name and raise yourself back into that frequency.

The more you saturate yourself in those feelings, the easier it is to return to them with just a key word when you need to.

Doorways of new Possiblities

It’s not that the solution just drops into your lap all done and dusted – though of course it may. It’s that new doors of possibility open, possibilities that you couldn’t have conceived of in your old state of mind. You may still need to take action – but that action will be from a higher level of consciousness which is what makes the difference.

The key to living from higher frequencies where there are infinite possibilities, is to NOT REACT to what is taking place right now in your experience. A lifetime of patterns – brain tracks – set up in both the mind and the body – run on automatic. The immediate RE-action to circumstances is automatic. So you must ‘intervene’ in those automatic responses over and over, until you are aware enough to catch them and let them go before they take hold.

You might, for example, be aiming at a higher frequency of possibility in the realm of finances. So you set it all up, feeling the enormous relief and freedom of cash flow issues solved, and then you look in your bank account and all the old feelings and emotions rise up and take over yet again. If you will just keep intervening when that happens and remember that the solution already exists and that you can live from that place of solution if you will just recall the feelings of the issue already solved, then slowly the old reactions will dissolve.

This relaxation into the awareness of the existence of Infinite Possibilities not only creates a deep sense of calm and trust, it is also what opens the doorways to new ideas of next steps/actions to take, along with the necessary courage to step into a new way of being.

Welcome Challenges

It’s so easy to ascend to and vibrate from higher frequencies when there are no challenges right in front of you – when the sun is shining and all is well in your world. It is when the challenges appear, whether they be big or small – that we slide right back into the old ways of being and frequency levels and REactions, UNLESS we catch ourselves mid-slide. Automated responses are the hardest, such as eating to assuage stress, using substances to relax, TV binge watching, even busy, busy work to avoid feelings we don’t know how to handle. These are the challenges we need to welcome – to say to those old brain tracks “Bring it on – I know I won’t create the change I desire if I can’t rise above you – so bring it on”.

That takes courage. And commitment. And a willingness to go through the perceived pain of withdrawal from patterns that keep us unconscious. It is only when we courageously face these challenges head on, that we discover not only deep and powerful resources that have been available to us all along, but also that the places we can transcend to are in fact a whole lot more fulfilling and enjoyable than those old limiting ways of being.

This is called awakening to the truth of who we really are.

An Infinite Variety of Exciting Possibilities are Open to Me Right Now


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