Creating Space for Presence / Life Itself to Flow

Are you willing to stop mid-flight in the busyness of your days and create space for Presence / Life Itself to flow, even just for a moment or two, a minute or two? It takes time and commitment to free yourself from the noisy mind that controls our day-to-day living through our learned brain tracks. Just a moment to read an uplifting reminder, 3 deep breaths, or a quick note in a journal can make a huge difference in this awakening process.

Remember you are becoming aware. You are recognizing a brain track-in-motion. It may still be repeating itself and causing some distress or suffering, or even addictive RE-action, but you are at least aware.

Did you know you can’t solve a problem from the state of mind that created it? This means you need to get yourself into a different state of mind – a calm, clear and peaceful space – so that Life Itself can flow through your mind, body and emotions and any action you take will be inspired action instead of RE-action.

Here Are Some Suggestions

There are an infinite number of ways to create space for Life Itself to move through learned and inhibitive brain tracks. Here are some you might like to try that I have found very effective over the years.

  • Meditation. You may already have a morning meditation routine. I consider a meditation practice of some kind to be an essential to starting my day and to bringing ongoing clarity and peace to my life. I currently use Holosync by Centerpointe Ltd., which is just one of many different approaches to meditation.
  • It can be very beneficial to make a brief meditation time during your day – 10 to 15 mins – to allow the noise of the mind to subside. Counting to 20 and starting again is a great technique I learned from Michael Singer. Staying conscious while you count is the challenge – sometimes if the mind is very busy it is hard to get past 6 or 7.
  • Make a small project out of the brain track you are in the process of releasing – my intention is it recognize and allow any thoughts about not being enough, to arise and simply be there. Journal your progress for a week, you might be very surprised at the insights you gain as you place your focus on simply allowing those thoughts to be there.
  • Look for/be aware of inspiration and insight in even the smallest event or experience – someone says something that suddenly clicks even though the conversation was nothing to do with your brain track, you hear a song, you read something in an article or book.
  • Watch for further symptoms as they arise – relax and release them. Remember they are learned. Say this is not me, this is not who I really am.
  • Hottnotes is a great reminder software you can use on your computer like post-it notes to create colorful affirmations.
  • Set a timer to remind yourself every 2 hours (or whatever works) to take 3 intentional deep breaths and repeat an appropriate affirmation.
  • There are many apps which will measure a time period to relax, some with visualizations and sounds. My most recent choice is on my Fitbit activity tracker. There is a Relax component for 2 or 5 minutes that vibrates as you inhale and exhale and if you are in sync it sparkles. Since its right there on my wrist there really is no excuse not to use it.
  • Another software I really enjoy is on my Chrome browser. It is called Live Backgrounds – and is set to open every time I open a new tab. Mine is set to a sparkling hummingbird which flits from flower to gorgeous flower, each opening up with showers of magical sparkles. You can set a focus for the day and there are a variety of short meditations. Great to stop in the middle of a busy workday for a few moments and recenter.
  • Michael Singer.- who wrote The Surrender Experiment – also has an online course Living From a Place of Surrender, both of which I have found to be extraordinarily insightful resources for releasing brain tracks and living in this absolutely, amazing present moment that is right in front of us.
  • Sometimes all it takes is catching the thought in action. See The Rat Catcher
  • Journal, journal, journal.

Most of all, be conscious of neither pushing the thought away nor acting it out/RE-acting. You don’t need to do either. You just need to be aware, allow it to be there and breathe into it. And then notice as the thinking drops away how Life Itself is now able to express so much more freely through you.

It’s all about awareness – ALWAYS!

Puppy time and space
A moment in time – a space for Presence / Life Itself to just be


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