From the Void to the Dream Come True

The Void: the deep, rich dark of the unknown, the un-manifest, the stillness of creation potential. Then – a spark of thought,IMG_8885A and another, and another, and an idea is born.

More focus, more sparks, building into a solid, inspired concept – a dream. He who builds no castles in the air, builds no castles anywhere.

Continue the focus of thought, staying in the present moment, not letting fears from the past or worry about the future to gain even one tiny foothold. However, address genuine concerns the mind may have from an objective, clear, in-the-moment place, otherwise the mind can pop up in the most odd ways and block movement forward.

Continue the focus of thought; the fire builds until it bursts into the flame of inspiration. A plan is born.

Continue the focus adding more and more fuel of inspired thinking to the fire until eventually inspired thinking and planning gives way to inspired action and a dream is born and created on the physical plane.

 Your job is to keep your mind in a calm,clear, supportive place so the dream can benefit from its organizational skills, and to keep out all else. It is to provide the fuel for the fire by staying in the present moment and allowing Life to pour though your eyes, your ears, your hands, your legs, your mind, your whole being. It is to provide the pathway for the evolving dream.


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