Getting into Alignment

What does it means to get into alignment with the Life Essence I Am in order to be free to create from my heart’s desire?

It’s one thing to have a idea/vision and often quite another to bring that dream into reality. In 1992 I wrote and had published, a book called “DreamQuest – How to Create Your Heart’s Desire” which was about what it takes for Life to inspire a vision or dream and how to overcome potential obstacles to make that dream come true.


That was 22 years ago. Over the years I have made many dreams come true – and then there are those I have been passionate about but not succeeded in my attempts to date. I have learned a lot in those 22 years about creating my heart’s desires. Perhaps the most important is knowing where I am operating from. Am I coming from the heart or am I coming from the mind?

I have learned how important it is to be in the Present Moment and to ‘allow’ ideas to flow. Ideas come from different places. There are ideas that come from Life Itself, from the void of creation where an idea is sparked and further thoughts added to it until it is fueled into a fire and proceeds down the path of creation into a physical world reality.

Then there are ideas that are sparked from the mind – from the myriad of thoughts gathered through a lifetime of experience. Usually these ideas have initial momentum and then somewhere along the line, they tend to wither and die on the vine. There are times of course when we are able to mind power these kinds of ideas into a physical reality. The mind is a powerful thing. However, I would question the success of these ideas in terms of true soul fulfillment. If an idea is mind-induced, the satisfaction will be short-lived because the mind can never be satisfied for long – it will begin to see lack and be wanting more. There’s nothing wrong with this – things get done – egos get fed – and life goes on.

Ideas that are sparked from a place deep within the heart, tend to have a ‘rightness’ to them that makes their creation a lot more fulfilling. There will still be obstacles and challenges, that is the nature of life on planet earth, but the heart will find its way over, under or through them. And when the creation reaches physical form, there is more of a sense of joy and awe; not pride, not wow – look-what-I-have-done, no feelings of superiority or entitlement, but instead a profound appreciation of the Life I Am.

The Present Moment Cure

I am now embarking on my latest idea/vision/dream which is to live from The Present Moment as a cure for compulsive and emotional eating and the resulting  excess weight that has so negatively affected so much of my life.

Like anyone who has struggled with addiction, I have tried so many modalities that it seems like there is nothing new left for me to try. I have written extensively about this particular subject, including an eBook I wrote in 2006 which was mostly about where the focus of the mind is placed that causes the issue in the first place and how focusing on dreams of the heart can bring about desired change. At that time I had lost 60 lbs and had kept this weight off for 3 years. I published my eBook online and all seemed to be working well. But there was always a corner of my mind that wasn’t 100% sure I really knew what it was all about. A tiny niggle. And eventually that tiny niggle was blown wide open when a relationship failure threw me into a deep depression. I lost it. In a couple of years I had gained back all the weight, taken down my eBook since I was no longer living it, and there I have stayed: stuck.

Analyzing doesn’t help. You can’t heal a problem with the same mind-set that created it. You have to rise above the problem and the mind-set that created it in the first place. While the mind wants to understand why and what and where and who, the heart simply wants to rest in awareness of the Life Force that it is and allow the flowering of consciousness. Hence my idea to live The Present Moment Cure.

In the Present Moment:


  • Old stuck brain tracks are brought to the surface of awareness as they arise and can be observed instead of blindly acting (eating) to avoid the unpleasant feelings they invoke.
  • These brain tracks can be simply held in consciousness and the Present Moment. This takes willingness to allow them to be there, to live with any discomfort that may arise, and to know that eventually, no matter how long it takes, they will dissolve. And the reason they will dissolve is because they aren’t real to begin with, even though they most certainly feel real.
  • Great freedom comes with the awareness that the brain tracks that arise are NOT who I Am! I can separate out the entity that is confused and upset and wants to eat to numb the pain, and the me that is the real Me, the Life Force Essence living in this physical body for a short time on this planet called Earth.
  • Eating is done with awareness. Food is tasted and thoroughly enjoyed. Satiety is gauged and the ability to stop eating when a certain level of satiety is reached is developed.
  • The more there is awareness of the Present Moment throughout the day, the more at peace the heart becomes – and the less there is a desire to eat to suppress feelings of pain and discomfort.

I know there is a major breakthrough possible for me in this area of my life. My dream is to allow the flowering of my consciousness into and through this whole anguishing nightmare of food and fat. It is said that you teach best that which you most need to learn. My intention is to write best, that which I most need to learn.