To Derail or Not? A Choice

 We can’t have it both ways. We can’t live in worry and doubt, feel guilt and stress, AND be in alignment with the Universe creating our goals and dreams.

Let’s say I have a goal/dream I am pursuing. Let’s say this goal/dream is truly from my heart and in alignment with the Life Essence I Am. Challenges are bound to arise; that is the nature of creation. So a challenge arises, and I find myself stuck; maybe worried or fearful about what to do next; maybe there’s an unconscious mechanism of self sabotage undermining my efforts; maybe I don’t actually know what is going on, I just know I am stuck somehow.


 Do I allow that ‘stuckness’ to dominate my thinking, allow the fear and uncertainty to propel my actions in ways that may not be in alignment with my goal/dream? Do I frantically analyze and dissect the situation with my mind, or maybe stop taking any action and retreat to some distraction so I don’t have to deal with it at all?

 OR – do I recall that I am the Life Force flowing through my body and mind, through my days and nights, and that this Life Force is all-knowing, omnipotent and has all the solutions for all my challenges – perhaps far greater than I, personality Beverley, could ever imagine. When I recall who I really am as opposed to who I think I am, then I find myself relaxing. Of course there are answers to any situation. I can relax into the Present Moment, immersed in Presence and allow those answers to flow forth in their own natural timing and way. And I can remind myself that I am either living towards the light of creation or I’m not. I’m either in the process of creating my goal/dream or I am not. Being stuck in fear and worry means I am not in the process of creation. Being relaxed into Presence means I have the absolute knowing that I am in the right place at the right time and life, including my goals and dreams, is unfolding in perfect Divine Order. Then I am in the process of creation.

 Now – in my state of relaxed awareness and trust, I can remain alert to signs and inspirations from Presence that will lead me to my next steps.IMG_0091

 We can’t have it both ways. We can’t live in worry and doubt, feel guilt and stress, AND be in alignment with the Universe creating our goals and dreams.

We can, however, most certainly be aware of the limitations our minds may be confronting us with. Indeed awareness is essential. Awareness that I am faced with something that is causing me some stress and confusion means I am already living from the Present Moment. That awareness is what counts. I am aware of some part of me that is not in alignment with who I really am, a part that is ego based. At the same time that awareness also informs me of my true essence. I can then say – I am in the process of creating this goal/dream and I am awaiting inspiration and answers for the situation that faces me that I am aware may be stemming from unconscious brain tracks. And unconscious brain tracks are not real, I have just thought them to be so. What is real endures. I have the patience to allow what is real to surface and I have the awareness to recognize brain tracks that would derail me.