Guilt: Motivator, De-motivater and Insidious Perpetrator of so much Pain and Sorrow.

GUILT! – is perhaps one of the most controlling functions of mind. It can be the biggest cause of holding on to the past and to the grief that arises as something once valued, dies – not just people and pets – but ways of being in the world. You stay or you do – you feel guilty because you aren’t being true to yourself. You go or you don’t do – you feel guilty because you are being true to yourself. You CANNOT win with guilt. So what do you do?

You let go of the guilt because you know it is damaging to your soul, your mind, your body, your life.

You Live YOUR Truth!

You do this because: you know that you are the most of service to the world when you are true to the Life Force you are. 

You do this because you know that every soul is on her or his own path and that if anything, your best means of help and support is to light the way by living your truth! 

Motivation from Mind Doesn’t Work

There is no defense for living your truth. You can’t justify it, that is mind. You can’t defend it, that is mind. You can’t prove it, that is mind. You can’t escape it, that is mind  You can’t guilt yourself into action, that is mind. You can’t obligate yourself into action, that is mind. You can’t ‘need’ yourself into action, that is mind. (And mind is where our real troubles start).

Now having said all that, of course you can take action from all those places, it just won’t be in alignment with Life and therefore most often won’t bring the results you desire. You can end up feeling worse than ever because your heart knows the motivation was off track.

Let Go

In the end, all you can do is let go of every last reason and rhyme for why you should or why you shouldn’t. And then stand back and watch where the chips fall. Don’t try to MAKE anything happen. STAND BACK AND WATCH. Get on with your daily life and watch how it looks and feels and acts when you remove guilt; when you are driven instead by the power of passion arising from your innermost being.

Can you see how ‘not being enough’ has caused wild fires of guilt in your life? And how your awakening self has brought you to this perfect place of peace and harmony so it can more fully emerge and create the expression of life that it is now called to do?