Planning From Presence

My day stretches out in front of me – a brand new day just waiting for me to experience its magic.

Or is it? Those days when I have no particularly inspiring plans and/or a huge ‘to do’ list, can cause more frozen moments in time. If mind is dominating, it looks at all the options, so many things to do, no priorities that it can see and certainly no reason to jump out of bed. So much to do, so little time, that procrastination takes over and nothing gets done. AND because I am now feeling so bad, I fall back into the compulsive overeating that I had so recently mastered, and self-hatred and fear takes over yet again.

My feeble attempts to get into Presence fail.

So I finally embark on an age-old technique of writing out all the ‘crap’ I am thinking and feeling until the dross clears and the sunlight of Presence is able to shine through again.

Things Look Different Now

Now my day looks a little different. Instead of mind trying to figure out priorities and failing to follow through, Presence enjoys the current moment and asks “What is most important to focus upon next, and next, and next?” A small list grows. Some of it is common sense – a couple of work projects that require my attention, some packing for my trip next week – and then a couple of things that I wouldn’t have put into a plan – a 20 minute break to read a particular book that is very inspiring and a 10 minute break to do a tapping technique I recently learned. The ‘million’ other things I need to do are faded into the background and a little later I can look at them through the eyes of Presence and determine next steps.

When Mind Controls

Mind analyzes from a logical perspective – influenced always by its programming, both conscious and unconscious. So fears and worries and guilt etc. can easily play a part without our even knowing. ‘I should/I shouldn’t’ is an alarm phrase that you are coming from mind. From the perspective of Presence, all is form and temporary in the bigger picture and therefore not of as great importance as mind would have you think. From a place of peace and harmony, come decisions and inspirations that while mind may baulk at the priority and substance, Presence knows are in alignment with who you are and what you are doing with your life. AND how Life wants to be expressing through you.

Unused brain tracks fade away,
Unused brain tracks fade away,

Mind has been running the show for many years, and isn’t about to give up easily. It has fears and worries to protect to keep you safe in the world it has learned to perceive. It has also become the habitual brain tracks upon which daily life runs. Awakening and living in the Present Moment takes a certain discipline and awareness. And when life is crazy and hectic and there is so much to do, mind will say, “I haven’t got time for this now, I am too busy. Later, when I have time I’ll sit in Presence and make my plans.” No! You won’t. That is that nature of mind – to procrastinate and remain in mind.

Breathe and Focus

Breathe. 3 deep breaths and a focus on the Inner Body can bring you to a state of Presence immediately. Stress falls away, calm surfaces, and a sense of trust or faith that all is well and you are safe just as you are in this moment emerges. Mind will argue, but if you repeat this practice over and over, you will begin to catch those stress thoughts as you are thinking them, Presence will shine through your day and your decisions, your stress levels will fall along with your cortisol levels, and you will experience a fulfillment in your experiences you didn’t know was even possible.