Allowing Presence

In your everyday life it is good to practice simply allowing – allowing Life to decide every little decision by IMG_3591_LRjust being aware of Life as it flows through you and then taking the next step. Allow from when to get up and do your morning routines, to everything that ‘happens’ during the day – like the interruption of the phone call you just got and the constant interruptions you get from emails etc. REMEMBER – mind wants to control – mind wants a plan – mind wants to know in order to feel secure. Mind needs security. Presence doesn’t. Presence knows that every moment is complete and perfect and every ‘happening’ is complete and perfect. Presence also knows the game of illusion here on planet earth. Mind wants to understand this game – Presence doesn’t. Presence requires no understanding, no plan, no security, no ‘thing’ at all.

But I have to plan – are you crazy?

So how does planning work you might ask. You will know when you need to plan. Let’s say you are planning a trip overseas. When Presence requires a plan – every single element that the plan requires can be completed from the place of Presence. Mind fusses about the right place, the best price, the right decision, the right time etc. and Presence knows the decision will be made when it is made. Mind can then contribute by doing the research so that the facts are all available, but again, only the facts that Presence needs, not the facts that mind thinks it needs.

A great tool for planning from Presence is the question: “What do I need to know in order to make this decision?” and then SIT IN PRESENCE AND ALLOW the answer to come. Try it. All it takes is a deep breath to be in Presence. And maybe an awareness of your inner body.