Presence and Personalities

In my inner world of connection with and being in Presence, it is much easier to observe brain tracks as they arise and to allow them to just be as they teach me to let go yet more of that which isn’t really me.

Then comes moving out into the world of others: loved ones, family, friends, work associates and those I serve through my work, and the community and world at large, all of whoIMG_3451m express themselves through their own unique personalities. Immediately, my attention has to expand to include these others. When I am running on automatic, when my brain tracks are in full swing, I fall into ‘reactive’ mode and these relationships continue on a somewhat predictable basis.

However, if I make the decision to stay conscious, to be aware of the subtle energy of Presence in the underlying background of my moments, then I open myself up to entirely new opportunities in these encounters. They may appear to continue along the same or similar pathways – “Good morning – how are you? Would you like coffee?” – may be the same words used every morning, but from a place of Presence I find an awareness of an underlying pulsating aliveness. Nothing special may happen, or the conversation may take an entirely different perspective or path.

Instead of expecting the ‘same old, same old’ from a business meeting, the energy may take an unexpected turn and new and inspirational ideas and events may surface. Or if nothing new happens, there is still an air of appreciation and connection that was previously not there.

The Ability to Listen, to Truly Hear

One of the qualities that develops through learning to ‘sit in Presence’ with another is the ability to truly hear that person. The mind becomes still and creates a sacred space into which another can express and any response that arises from that expression is pure Presence. Normally mind is so engrossed in its opinions of what is being said that it can’t really hear – it is so busy relating to the conversation and what it wants to say next. One of the greatest gifts we can give another is to listen from Presence – no judgement, no opinion, no ideas, just sacred space.

Presence Speaks Through A Clear Mind

There is a verse from Mark 13:11 that goes something like this “Do not worry beforehand about what you are to say, but say whatever is given you in that hour; for it is not you who speak, but it is the Holy Spirit”. I know that incredible feeling of giving up/surrendering my mind to the moment, saying to myself in essence “I know nothing – speak through me”, opening my mouth to speak and being amazed at what has come through. This happened often in the days when I was doing counseling work, but is so wonderful to remember in any situation since it always brings new awareness and appreciation for the moment. It does take huge faith in the Present Moment and the ability to remain grounded there, but oh what a difference in relationships of any kind.

This becomes another example of Presence flowing where there is the least resistance. The resistance is preconceived ideas about people and situations that we repeat so often we have simply fallen into the mode of automatic reaction. Waking up we come to realize that Presence exists in every moment and can flow through every personality, wherever there are clear spaces to do so. Personalities are made up of each person’s life experiences and the learning drawn from those experience, be they positive or negative or any shade in between. Personalities are as complex and diverse as there are people, each unique in expression, whether operating on automatic or awake and aware.


A phrase-to-remember could simply be – “I am not who I think I am and neither are you.” Then you have the discovery adventure of a lifetime to find out who am I really and who are you really?