LIFE, Like Water, Flows Where There is the Least Resistance

Life Itself is fluid, just like water. It flows where there is the least resistance from mind, from ego consolidated concepts that have become thick and heavy. This means the more I am centered in that deep inner space of no-thought, the more Life Itself can flow its thinking and awareness and subsequent action.

Least Resistance

I was recently feeling guilty because I have filled my time up with some new part-time work and therefore replaced those delicious early morning hours I had been using for connection to Life Itself: reading, writing, meditating and generally just being ‘in the flow’. How would I now stay ‘connected’ and write if I wasn’t making that time available every day? And for what? Work that could earn me more money?

The first available opportunity to spend a longer time connecting came around on my first day off and I found myself distracted by a zillion irrelevant things, until I finally opened my ‘writing pages’ and started to write. Life showed me some things about my choices that have brought peace to my mind and joy to my heart.

No Matter the Minute It’s OK As It Is

It’s OK to mess around with so-called ‘irrelevant distractions’. Your time is so regimented during the time you are of service, once you are free of those regimentations you just want to wander freely amongst your minutes. Aaaaaahhhh indeed. And that is OK. Everything is OK. It is the judgement of yourself by yourself, that hurts you the most. Set yourself free by allowing whatever choices you make in every minute to simply be ok. You can change your thoughts, your mind, your actions whenever you like.

Life Is Not Stagnant

REMEMBER: Life is not stagnant. Life flows vitally through every open channel it can find. You have interactions with people with whom you work and with the people you meet through that work.  Don’t forget – Life knows what it is doing even if you don’t.  Sometimes Life Itself flows through you in the form of your own business endeavors, sometimes as a parent or caretaker or homemaker, sometimes through wanderings, sometimes through working for others.  The hero in The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, worked at a gas station. It doesn’t matter where you work or how you spend your days. What matters is Life flowing ecstatically through you, vitally expressing its aliveness and then you get to experience the exhilaration of the whole experience.

REMEMBER: Life Itself is not stagnant. Open yourself and experience that which Life wants you to experience, rather than that which your mind THINKS it needs to experience. This is so beautifully demonstrated in Michael Singer’s book, The Surrender Experiment where he devoted his life to simply surrendering to every tiny last little thing that came into his life, had some amazing experiences as a result and was also able to help so many others become more aware in the process.

REMEMBER TOO: Awareness shines through every thought and word and deed when mind is clear and peaceful. The reason to have people in your life is to connect and grow. And the more clear you are, the more Life can flow THROUGH you, and the more you can experience Life Itself as if flows through them. It is a two-way street.


Awake in the Moment

I so love it when I am living truly from the Present Moment; when ideas and answers and inspiration just flow; when the right information just pops up in front of me; when action takes wonderfully surprising and unexpected twists and turns; when I know beyond all doubt, that despite outward appearances to the contrary, that we are one life, one energy.