The Healing of Nature

What is it about a fresh, sparkling, clear, bubbling mountain stream amidst tall fir trees that stirs my soul so? MountainStream

 This one is in the mountains behind Alpine, Wyoming.

 Maybe it is untouched essence that is pure Life expressing in all its magnificence. And the fact that it reminds me of who I am at my essence.

 The mind in which we mostly live is filled with chatter and opinion and endless drama. These days, due to the process of awakening, I also have moments of peace and of inspiration – not all the time – but often enough that my life has become more tranquil and peaceful and pulsating with life.

 When I am in an environment such as this picture, I can see all of those qualities of nature all around me in permanent expression. And this place resonates with me as an expression of Divine Intelligence. Perhaps that is why nature is so healing, and why I love pictures that take me back to those places of such pure beauty. Perhaps that explains my growing interest in landscape photography as a means to remind myself of my true nature, and to also maybe inspire others who happen across those pictures.


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