What Does Life Want From Me?

“Instead of asking, “What do I want from life?”, a more powerful question is, “What does life want from me? – Eckhart Tolle”.

I have long believed that the greatest journey of all is the exploration of the mind. This journey takes us into the imaginable and the unimaginable, the known and the unknown, the possible and the infinitely possible.

The mind however, is but an instrument of Infinite Intelligence, the essence of Life Itself. Since there are no words to describe this essence, since it is truly beyond any understanding by the mind, I use various terms loosely and interchangeably to merely point the way.

Life is an adventure, should we choose to view it that way. One of the themes that has run though my life is “If you’re not having fun you’re doing something wrong.” More recently I have come to realize just how important it is to acknowledge the adventuring aspect of life. How easy it is to find ourselves in the hum drum of daily living; weeks and years passing by faster and faster. And how wonderful it is when I look at each new day, each new moment as an adventure – setting off of a new journey, no matter how short or trivial.

Several years ago I joined an online photography group called Blipfoto where the goal is to upload a photo a day. The photograph must be taken that day and you can also write about the photograph – a journal. It is an online community I have found to be absolutely wonderful. (blipfoto.com). My user name evolved into ‘Adventuring’ – each picture becoming an expression of my daily journey and a great reminder of the adventure I am on. And in turn, the blip adventure evolved into this blog.

One meaning for inspiration from the Miram Webster dictionary is ‘a divine influence or action’.

When I find something that takes my breath away I am inspired, and I have learned to merge the thought that follows with the inspiration. Hence inspiration Adventures – a blog to inspire the adventurous in us all. Thinking of life as an adventure helps to bring us back to the present moment which is where life exists.

Perth Sunrise

The essence of my book DreamQuest – How to Create Your Heart’s Desires was that there are infinite possibilities available for us all and that once you have decided upon a dream, you are very often faced with all the obstacles that arise. There is a chapter for each of the major kinds of obstacles and ideas for how to work through them. Somehow that information seems just as relevant as it did 20 years ago.

Eckhart Tolle says our inner purpose, that we share with everyone else on the planet, is to awaken from the illusionary sleep of the ego to our true Selves. Our outer purpose is something that stems from the inner purpose and has it’s foundation in our awakening process. When I first ‘got’ this at some level deeper than all my mind ideas, I realized that getting past the obstacles that seemed to repeatedly trip me up – different experiences in the same old coat – was paramount if I wanted to live my life adventure to its fullest expression.

I find that asking myself “What does Life want from me? How does Life Itself want to live through me in this moment?” to be an invaluable tool on my daily life journey to keep my inner purpose and my outer purpose in alignment.

What about you?