Melting Into the Moment

I find it so easy to get fired up with great ideas! I love great ideas/inspirations that lift me out of the mundane, the pain of that which I perceive to be not working! Or ideas that have the potential to create new energy, new life, hope, promise of what could be that currently isn’t (or doesn’t appear to be).

I guess in truth, the greatest opportunity we have on this planet is to create; to create a life, to create things/emotions/relationships/ways of living and being. We are creating in every single moment, whether we are aware of it or not. Old habituated thinking (brain tracks) continues to create more of the same, over and over, that it always has. New ideas bring a potential opportunity for new energy and new creation.

Drought? Famine? Or Feast?

So a new idea is like a seed planted in the ground, lying there, waiting for the conditions and timing that will enable it to push forth a sprout. Often times, that new sprout begins its journey towards the surface only to find drought conditions awaiting it because the focus of thought has drifted from the initial enthusiasm surrounding the idea, back into its customary automated mode which contains the habituated thinking of resistance and procrastination. And this wonderful field of potentiality, dries up and dies.

I know my life is littered with such experiences. Alongside of course, those ideas which have survived and been nurtured enough to mature into life creations.

Renewed Focus = Renewed Growth

Right now I have a dream seed I am nurturing which has reached the surface of the ground, but is receiving only intermittent attention instead of the fierce focus required to bring it into reality. It is surviving because there is tremendous power in its potential. I am aware of this power and potential, so despite many long years of resistance and procrastination, it is still pushing its way into form and growth. I have excuses for this lack of maintained focus, many apparently good excuses. But not one of them is making me feel good, making me feel inspired and happy with my life. They are simply excuses – empty, void of meaning, vacuums of time and space leading nowhere.

Melting into the Magic of the Moment is the message this morning from this struggling idea. Yes, obstacles will arise. They are the learning opportunities that accompany any dream-making. And awareness of the moment is the most powerful tool we can have to help us through these apparent blockages.

I know enough from my life experiences to date, to recognize when procrastination is at work in my psyche. I also know procrastination very often is a message saying “There’s more you need to know about this situation and you don’t need to push through right now, you just need to immerse yourself in the present moment, allow it to be, and allow everything surrounding this dream to rise up into the light of consciousness for healing.”

Melting into the Moments of Inspiration.Monrise

I am recalling the magic of the cookies/biscuits (depending upon your country of origin) called Melting Moments – the absolutely exquisite melt-in-the-moment experience of all that perfect combination of butter and sugar and flour dissolving on the tongue. When I bring my dream into the magic of the present moment, all that procrastination and resistance dissolves into the illusion from whence it came. The original spark of the idea flares in the darkness of the void of creation once again. “Yes!” it whispers in my ear and in my heart. “Of course this is a potential reality just waiting for your clear, uncompromising focus. All the energy needed to create the mighty oak is lying dormant in this tiny acorn of an idea, just biding its time for the perfect, present moment to emerge.”

And so I melt once more into this moment of inspiration and re-fire my focus.