Where Are You Looking?

It’s long been said – as you think so you are. Your thoughts are magnetic, and they attract more and more of where you place the majority of your thinking. Just look around you to assess where your thinking is focused.

I read a good article recently about how racing car drivers NEVER look at the wall as they are speeding around the circuit. If you look at the wall you are much more likely to veer off course. You must look straight ahead with every last ounce of attention you have.

I know this to be true from driving my 34ft (10.5m) motor-home and towing a vehicle. There are times when a road winds through construction for example and as you come up to that narrow entry between the cones you swear you will never fit – despite the big semi-truck in front of you who has happily preceded you through that gap. If he fits, you know you will. And so I have learned it really is a matter of looking straight ahead and only at the road in front of you. And I always fit. It is the same traveling down a highway, and a big semi overtakes you. There is a gust that hits you as he passes and if you aren’t paying attention, it will push you off to one side of your lane. All I know is to hang on with all my might and keep my focus straight ahead and I know I will stay straight on the road.

Lack or Abundance?

So too with taking charge of our thinking. It all happens so automatically, running around those old brain tracks of habit when we aren’t paying attention. You know, for example, that there aren’t enough funds in your bank account to pay all of this months’ bills. And you don’t know where the money is going to come from in this moment. Your stomach contracts each time you think of either the bills or the bank account, or both. What are you looking at? You are looking at the LACK.

It takes conscious effort to pull your automated thinking away from that brain track. But you CAN do it. Where to be looking instead? Look for the wonderful abundance of good things in your life in this moment, no matter how small. The sunshine, a smile from a neighbor, your cell phone (there was a time when we didn’t have that convenience you know), your sight that brings the beauty of a flower to you, the happy wagging of your dog’s tail when he knows you are paying some attention to him, your breath, your ability to breathe – you are alive.

Have Faith

Just as in Matthew 10:19 he says – “Do not worry what to say for when the time is come the words will be given” (my paraphrasing), so too does the same principle apply to anything we perceive as lack. That is not to say the money will just magically appear, (though you can allow for that possibility), rather if you stay calm and anchored in Presence, Life Itself will bring you the solutions.

Faith can be as simple as removing all doubt, fear, worry anxiety and guilt etc. as it arises. Faith is knowing that we are one energy, that there is nothing that exists outside ourselves and that everything we see is an aspect of who we are choosing to express and be in this moment.

Over-supply of Life Itself.

It’s not JUST about gratitude either – it’s seeing the over-supply of Life Itself manifesting in your day. Is there more sunshine (when it shines) than you could ever need, more light, more love, more freedom, more opportunity? What else can you think of where there is an excess of good flowing through your life? What about Divine Intelligence, infinite and omnipotent?

Just as when you are looking to buy a particular car say, you suddenly start noticing them all around you, so too when you start putting your focus on the abundance of Life Itself will you start noticing its expression all around you.

Even better is being able to stop and recognize two opposite beliefs in action and to rise above them – to move beyond the duality as in last week’s blog. So ‘I am broke’, becomes ‘I AM!


I exist. I am complete. I am whole. I AM!