The Difference – Between Dreams of the Heart and Dreams of the Mind

How many times have you found yourself really excited about an idea, enthusiastically planning and putting it into action and really making every effort you know how to – and more – and still it doesn’t work out. Or if it does, there isn’t the level of fulfillment and achievement at the end that you had thought might be there. It’s almost an anti-climax. Ok, that’s done, now what’s next.

Then there are those ideas that despite all odds and our getting in our own way, eventually flourish and bloom. They seem more organic somehow. You love putting them into action whenever you do make the time and that inner glow stays with you.

Can you think of dreams from both the heart and the mind in your life – and sense the difference?

IMG_3173_LRI think some dreams come from the heart (soul/Universe/Divine Intelligence/Life) and some come from the mind. I have learned that this can be very confusing at times. I have been so excited about an idea that I could draw no other conclusion than that it comes from the heart. Only to find out down the line that something was out of kilter. It was too much of a struggle, or my enthusiasm waned and died no matter how hard I tried.

Ask yourself how they feel?

Dreams from the heart have a different ‘excitement’ about them. You could even say that excitement is really an invention of the mind. Whereas inspiration and passion come from the heart. One is high-pitched and almost nervous. The other is calmer, spreads through my body and my awareness and is quietly motivating. It is often softer.

I might read, hear, or see to something that jump starts an idea into action. Without conscious awareness, I may simply be reacting to what I have read, heard or seen, without realizing that my excitement is nothing more than my mind thinking this is a great idea.

Are you willing to find out?

The challenge is being willing to slow down enough to allow Life to respond to this idea. Mind wants to jump in, head first, for many reasons of its own. These reasons might be obvious – I need to make money and this idea promises I can do so easily, I have a message to share with the world and this method will be ‘the one’, this person is very attractive to me and I just know he will make me happy , this is the way to lose weight, get healthy, be famous/rich/happy etc.

Or the motivation may not be so obvious. It may be based on learned ‘brain tracks’ of how the world should be that are simply not true. And we may not be conscious of those ‘brain tracks‘. (‘Brain tracks‘ are the tracks our minds run on automatically. They are automatic reactions and way of being in the world that we have learned throughout life, and usually aren’t who we really are – they are who we think we are. You can read more here).

So how to know? How do we know the difference between a dream of the heart and a dream of the mind?

When the mind is in control, there is often a sense of urgency, a belief that This is THE way. You can read and study and research and pour yourself into making this dream happen. But is there a sense of lasting fulfillment and joy along the way? Or is there an underlying sense of having to MAKE this happen at any cost. Some of the most successful people are the most unhappy and/or the most afraid of losing what they have, or what the future may hold. True success is the ability to rest in the Present Moment and know the difference between being an expression of Life on this planet and any creations actually manifested.

Dreams of the heart you don’t have to make happen. Rather you allow them to unfold and develop. They take on a life of their own. You are aware of the Life Essence pulsating in and through and around them. Time becomes irrelevant. You are doing what you love and loving what you are doing. Life shows you, moment by moment, what the next step is. And you have complete faith and trust that Life will do just that. If nothing appears to be happening, or things aren’t going as you might have expected, planned or wished, then you know that in time Life will reveal what’s going on and you will be willing to wait and watch and listen and remain conscious.

You will come up against obstacles/challenges in either a dream of the mind or a dream of the heart. That is the nature of life. If you are in your mind, you will attack these challenges and try to solve them using traditional methods or simply to just ignore or bulldoze over them.

If you are coming from the heart, you will become aware of an obstacle/challenge and you will work with Life for solutions. You will be willing to delve into your own psyche to uncover ‘brain tracks‘ that could be in the way. And you know you will be guided to the means to solve or heal the situation. You are ever watchful. You observe mind very closely.

More to come. Why waste your precious time on dreams/goals that aren’t springing from the joyous Life Force you are?