Why be afraid of 1000 barking dogs

When you are sitting on an elephant? – Kabir

I love this quote. It has pulled me out of many a mired place. The ego brain tracks can seem soooooo powerful at times that it feels like I will never be free of them.

I have written a great deal about the obstacles to living in the present moment, to releasing the ego and being able to allow the Life that we all are, to flow abundantly through our lives. Obstacles are what gives fire to the experience of life – so that we become hardened/tempered and are finally able to look forward to the next obstacle knowing it will bring us to a higher level of awakening. Challenges may be a better word than obstacles.

When I think of sitting on an elephant and looking down at the thousand barking dogs, I am reminded of the tremendous power within, the I Am Presence. Kabir’s quote can only point the way to just how powerful that presence is.

IMG_0767_1A_LRI didn’t have a photo of an elephant, so this cloudscape is the one I chose because the clouds seem to pop right out of the picture and I can feel the power of such a breath-taking scene.

It reminds me of the essence that is all Life, myself included. The power of Life cuts laser-like through all fear and doubt, guilt and worry. It IS the elephant.